Delivery Status Made Easy

  • Once your client has logged into the system, they will see a list of their most recent jobs.
  • Your client can click the "Job Number" to view the details for that job.

Details That Will Keep Your Client Informed

  • View all stops for each job!
  • View the Priority, Date & Time Delivered, and any Special Instructions!

Online Order Entry

  • You have the option to allow your client to add their own jobs over the web!
  • Your client can select a destination that was used in one of THEIR previous orders, or add a new destination to your database!
  • The job will be downloaded to your copy of Courier Service Toolbox ™ with all of the information that your client has entered online!

Easy Setup!

You maintain access levels for your clients through Courier Service Toolbox ™. You can determine whether your client can only view the status of their jobs, or allow them to request new jobs ALL online!