Entrepreneur to Enterprise, We Make Process Serving Software for Firms of Every Size

Don’t be fooled into picking a solution that can’t grow with you and handle volume well. We are the ONLY process serving software on the market that is:

  • Easy to use for the startup process server AND
  • Powerful enough for the large volume process server

Read below for what makes our solution unique and the right answer for your, whether you are:

  • just starting out and looking to grow, or
  • a larger firm tired of trying to make a "simple" solution work for your complex business and looking to make a change to an application that provides the features you really need

Our Software

PST can be used on ANY device. Use our PST Desktop version, with our classic interface, or use our new WebPST version on your phone, tablet, and Mac. Intuitive form-based processes:

  • Add and edit jobs
  • Scan documents, with automatic assignment to the correct job
  • Generate professional looking affidavits and proofs of service (or non-service) and electronically sign them
  • Close out jobs, invoice your client, and pay your server
  • Analyze your business performance to improve your bottom line

Our Mobile App

PST Mobile allows servers in the field to effectively receive jobs and perform them without the hassle of physical paperwork.

  • Works offline so you can serve anywhere – serve now, upload when you’ve got a strong signal
  • Edit Multiple Jobs – maximize your efficiency with the ability to record multiple attempts and serves a one location easily and seamlessly
  • Upload photos, video, and audio of service – keep proof of your serves for easy reference, including proof of geographic location
  • Coming Soon! Sign your affidavits in PST Mobile!

Our Client Dashboard

Provide your Clients with the power to help themselves! With our new Client Dashboard, your Clients can log in and see the status of all jobs, review invoices and service documents, and even pay your invoices online.

Link our Client Dashboard to your website and easily brand it with your logo and colors, providing a transparent and powerful Client experience.

Our Trading Network

Expand your reach nationwide! With PST you’ll be joining the largest job trading network in the nation. Trade jobs with servers all over the US to expand your coverage area and take on clients with broader reach. Sending work to a trading partner is as simple – just set them as the server on the job!

Don’t be fooled by "pseudo-trading" that other solutions offer – and get stuck with some other company being able to modify YOUR records. PST offers real job trading - your job is your job and your trading partner gets their own copy, so you maintain full control of information on the job and communication with your Client.

Our Developer Tools

When you are with us, we have the experience and tools to help you scale your business to take on the big guys. We have both out-of-the-box and custom solution easily enabled between PST and your:

  • Clients – We can integrate with many Case Management Systems, including Time Matters, Perfect Practice, Case Aware, QLAW, Collection-Master, Collect Max, Cogent, and Others. Strengthen the relationship with your major clients through our custom integration. Stop relying emails for receiving job information – let it flow directly into PST!
  • Business Applications – with our developer APIs we can help you integrate to QuickBooks, DocuSign, and any other business applications you have selected to help your business prosper. Contact us and let us help create business automation that will scale your business to the next level of success. If you can dream it, we can do it through our developer solutions. Pick a software application that can adjust to work the way you want, rather than forcing you to work the way it wants.

If you can dream it, we can do it through our developer solutions. Pick a software application that can adjust to work the way you want, rather than forcing you to work the way it wants.

Our Infrastructure

Rest easy, knowing your most importation business asset – your data – is safe and secure with us. Our resilience strategy includes:

  • A World-Class, Fully Audited and Certified Data Center. Your data is physically protected by 24/7 controlled access, including a security guard, biometric palm scanners for entry, a physical key for our server cage, closed circuit cameras with 90-day video storage, and data-grade HVAC and fire suppression.
  • A Modern Virtualized Environment, Powered by High-Availability Hardware. We know you need to access PST anywhere, anytime, quickly and reliably. We’ve got over 2 Terabytes of RAM powering multiple 32-CPU servers, connected by redundant 10Gb network cards and switches to redundant connections to the Internet. Our systems are protected by parallel UPS-backed power supplies and an on-site generator.
  • State-of-the-Art Firewalls with Intrusion Detection and Continuous Monitoring for Bad Actors. We let you in easily while keeping the bad guys out! We control all access to our systems and your data through robust user access practices, including role-based access, multi-factor authentication, and encryption for all data transmission. Our security is reviewed quarterly and tested annually.
  • Multiple Copies of Your Data. We maintain 3 mirrored copies of all production data, with multiple backup methods and in place, ensuring we have a backup of your data current to within 20 minutes of the production version. Your data will never be lost!
  • Documented and Tested Disaster Recovery Plans. We have planned for the unlikely event of an issue with our main data center, by having a fully functioning disaster recovery center in Virginia – and all of your data is already there! We transmit your data after every 20 minute backup, so your maximum potential data loss would only be 40 minutes. Should the worst thing happen to us, it won’t happen to you.